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Timers and Pedometers for Champions at Every Level since 1986

August 9, 2012

They say timing is everything. While we are fully aware they weren’t talking about accurately measuring how long it takes to run the 110m hurdles, it applies in both cases. If you need to record and analyze performances with precision, reliability, and versatility then it turns out that timing really is everything. It is at that moment when not having the best measurement tool becomes a giant concern.

Since 1986, Marshall Browning has been manufacturing and selling both the Robic® and Oslo® range of handheld timers, stopwatches, and pedometers. Over the past quarter century, Marshall Browning’s brands have become the choice for millions of people across the world. While other companies may sell timers and pedometers along with other sporting equipment, it is our whole business. Because of this laser-like focus, we are the timing product specialists. We develop, engineer, and manufacture all of our timers, stopwatches, and pedometers.

“Champions at every level” refers to the fact the Robic® and Oslo® products are used for measurement and assessment needs of the local youth Soccer league to the World’s most elite teams and competitors.

Each and every product that Marshall Browning produces receives a thorough hands-on physical, functional, and visual inspection. Every button gets pushed; every display is fully tested.   They are put through their paces so there are no surprises when the products are put into use.

Robic® and Oslo® products are sold exclusively through thousands of leading merchants across America.  These thousands of dealers can select merchandise from any number of sources and they choose Marshall-Browning over all other suppliers.

In the end, if you have a timing, assessment, or measurement need, Marshall Browning can meet it, so drop us a line or visit our website today. In addition, please keep checking this blog for more reasons why the right timing is everything!

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