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Our Website Revamp

October 3, 2012

We all watched in amazement at NASA’s Curiosity Rover landing on planet Mars.  The media commentary of the event focused on the NASA’s need for precise timing, expert knowledge and of course a strong element of trust.

The same key elements that went into accomplishing this amazing Mars planetary expedition are very similar to Robic’s core business objectives and beliefs.  We are committed to providing our customers with precise handheld timers, stopwatches and pedometers.  We work hard every day to instill trust to our customers with our quality products, exceptional customer service and commitment to quality.

Building on these core elements, Robic recently revamped our website.  We’re proud to announce that our new site is both a reflection of our core strengths, but also a demonstration of our commitment to providing our customers with an easy-to-use platform for all their timing needs.

Now our website provides customers with several ways to determine what the best timer or pedometer is for their needs.  The layout of our new website is set up to guide customers via several routes to the correct product for them.  Our customers can find merchandise based on the product’s benefits, its potential use or activity, the type of product; and they can select a product based on particular price point.

Just like the NASA Curiosity Rover, our customers can select a product in a precise manner, ask us questions, tapping into our expert knowledge and with our keen focus on quality products and superior customer care, provide them with a strong degree of trust in all our products and our company.

This new look is part of many other new and innovative things taking place at Robic, so stay tuned to our blog and our emails for information on other new and exciting products as well as inventive purchase incentives.

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