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Timing is Everything: Debates

October 19, 2012

It is election time in America and in the coming months we’ll be able to watch several political debates. The first well-known political debates during an election cycle were debates for an Illinois Senate seat held between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas.  Abraham Lincoln followed Stephen Douglas around the state and challenged him to a debate at every stop.  Abraham Lincoln never debated again, nor was there a Presidential debate until 1948, when two Republican challengers held a radio debate.

In the academic world, a debate is actually a series of constructive points that are precisely timed followed by a rebuttal speech that is also timed.  In academic debates, timing is very crucial to winning.  You might say that timing is everything in this particular debate format.

As the manufacturer of the world’s finest handheld timers, Robic designs and manufactures a variety of academic timers and stopwatches that can be used for debates, science projects, and school research.

Just as debate style and format have changed over the years, Robic’s website has made some great changes as well.  After listening to our customers, we realized each person searches for products in different ways.  We listened and changed our site.

Check out some of the new ways that you can search and find our great products:

Product Benefit:  Have a particular need, benefit, or usage? Click on the Product Benefit  section and look for wristwatches.

Use or Activity:  Look for a specific use or activity in the section marked Use or Activity.

Type of Product:  Locate the exact product that you need by Type of Product.

Price:  Cut to the chase and search by Price.

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