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Walking Away From the Fiscal Cliff

December 20, 2012

PedometerThe fiscal cliff. It seems to be all we hear about these days. The implications are so far-reaching; it would take a book (and not a blog) to talk about it all. So let’s just look at one small aspect we’re all concerned with: physical education.

With funding cuts of approximately 8% resulting from the fiscal cliff, schools would have to make up for the lost funding somewhere in their general budget: most likely by cutting “non-essential” classes like music or P-E, or charging more for extracurricular programs. Gym class time has already been cut drastically around the country. As a matter of fact, in a survey of high school students across the nation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in June that nearly half said they had no physical education classes in an average week

Gym class can get our kids started on a path to healthier lifestyles.  So, how do we replace that?  We make it easier for families to exercise together, and to chart their progress. For those who need to approach training at a walk, Robic recently retooled and revamped our pedometers; in fact, we’ve got four new models available that retail for between $15-$20. Let us provide you with the tools to keep your family healthy, long after the school bells ring.

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