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Vocabulary of Stopwatches and Timers for Coaches and Sports Retailers

August 16, 2017

Now, you are talking my Language…why Greek is an Easier language to learn than Stopwatch
At least the Greeks all speak their language the same way…besides being friendly and funny, the Greeks share a common language. Not so when someone has a stopwatch or timer question…”you say to-May-to and I say to-Mah-to”. No need to run for the hills, here is an easy primer…keep it handy.

Single Event Time: Think of a 100 yard dash…the gun goes off-START the stopwatch—the runner crosses the finish line—stop the stopwatch. No intermediate times, START-STOP-RESET- The basic time reading.

Lap Time: This does not mean once around the track – take the image of an actual lap out of your mind. Instead, it is the amount of time from your previous reading. Think of a 4 X 100 relay team, each runners leg is 12 seconds…therefore the 4 lap times are 12, 12, 12 and 12.

Split Time: The amount of time from the start of the event. Often referred to as Accumulated or Cum (pronounced CUME) time – use the same example of the relay team.   12 seconds each…the team’s Split times are 12, 24, 36 and 48 seconds.
Here are the rest of commonly requested Stopwatch and Timer functions:

Robic® 2017  Glossary of Terms

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