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6 Reasons to Not Use Your Phone as a Stopwatch or Timer

November 29, 2017

If you are serious about timing an event, you need to use a device designed specifically to do this. Using your cell phone as a stopwatch or timer is not a good substitute for the real thing.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Tapping an LED touch screen with your fingertip is not the same accuracy and precision as pressing a button with your index finger. There is no tactile feedback where you feel that precision on a phone.  In addition to being inaccurate, it is a simply joyless experience
  • Many events take place outside, where it can rain or are near a swimming pool. Do you really want to get water on your $800 cell phone?  “Gee whiz honey, I’m afraid I dropped my phone in the pool at Junior’s swim meet.”
  • Ok, we are all set to get that important split time reading and we look down at our LED screen on the phone, which we have to do since we need to locate the press area.  It’s hidden there in the upper left corner.  But now it has reset to a black screen.  So you sign back in, locate the stopwatch function and take your reading. What’s that…you missed the reading?  Oh well, at least you have an awesome phone…everyone is impressed.
  • Here they come to the finish line, your kid’s best race ever, let’s get the time.  Tap, tap, tap – oh, the touch screen did not respond! Well, I am certain your son/daughter will understand when you tell them you have an awesome phone…without their personal best time on it.
  • Best of all, isn’t it convenient when you receive a text, call or other incoming message when you are using the stopwatch and timer. The answer is probably, NO!
  • Last time we did a scientific survey, schools were not giving out cell phones to volunteer timers. If they start, we suggest you ask the school board what else they are spending your tax money on?

Think about Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball…it all begins with the grip.  Same is true for stopwatches and timers. You have to feel the quality and reliability in your hands, you get to keep your eyes on the action without looking down to find a touch area on a seven inch screen and then losing touch with the event.

The bottom line for a dealer or reseller is that stopwatches and timers are specifically designed to accommodate any specific use for any particular event, activity or competition.  Cell phones and mobile devices are very important and bring great convenience.  But let’s get real when people tell you they are better than a handheld stopwatch or timer for tracking times and results.

Robic offers the world’s finest range of handheld timing and performance assessment devices.  For 30 years, over 7,000,000 people have selected Robic for all their timing needs, from basic to the most sophisticated.

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