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Robic Loves the Special Olympics

June 12, 2013

At Robic, we don’t just make timers and pedometers in Oxford, CT, we live here as well.  This is our community, our home, and we take our commitment to the area seriously.  While we support a number of different local and national charities, we have an especially close relationship with the Special Olympics. This amazing global organization has been changing lives and attitudes for almost fifty years. According to their mission statement, the Special Olympics were “founded to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.”

It is a truly inspiring goal and we have done our best to support it here in Connecticut and around the world. In the past, we have donated a wide variety of products like stopwatches for track and swimming events to the organization as well as our time and support. We are also thrilled and proud to be next-door neighbors with one of the organization’s regional offices and training centers in Southbury, CT.

To everyone at Robic, the Special Olympics is more than just a charity, it is a part of our community. The inspiring children and adults who take part in all the organization’s events are more than just amazing athletes, they are our neighbors, our friends, and our family. We get a great deal of joy out of helping out in anyway we can, it really is something you need to feel for yourself. The next time you or your organization is considering donating your time and money to a worthwhile cause, we cannot say enough about the Special Olympics. The experience is best summed up by their inspiring motto,

“Let me WIN. But if I cannot win, let me be BRAVE in the attempt.”

To learn how you can join in this life-changing effort, please visit the Special Olympics website  today.

Keeping Safe all Summer Long with Robic

March 18, 2013

Springtime has arrived and summer will soon follow, and for many parts of the country, that means the risky combination of outdoor sports and unpredictable weather. Things like lightning strikes and life-threatening lightening detector picdehydration can sneak up on even the most conditioned and experienced outdoor athlete. At Robic, we are big fans of taking the guesswork out of life. Therefore, it makes sense that we offer a great selection of tools that protect you and your loved ones from the unexpected.

  • ·StrikeAlert Personal Lightning Detector

Over the past twenty years, the U.S has averaged 51 annual lightning strike fatalities along with thousands of severe injuries. To keep you one step ahead of dangerous lightning, Robic offers the StrikeAlert Personal Lightning Detector. This unique handheld detector sounds an audible alarm and flashes when lightning strikes within 40 miles of your location. It can also tell you if lightning is approaching or moving away.  It is perfect way to keep you and your family safe at the pool, on the golf course, or out on the water.

  • ·HW30 Heat & Humidity Stopwatch

Recently, many parts of the country have experienced some wickedly hot and humid summers. Knowing exactly how hot and humid it really is can be a matter of life and death. The affordable and handheld HW30 is therefore an absolute must for athletes during extreme warm weather. It combines a professional level stopwatch with temperature, humidity, and most importantly, heat index readings.

  • ·Wet Bulb Temperature Gage

Each year as summer winds down, football practices heat up. The weather is usually still hot and humid, so the ever-present danger of dehydration still looms large. Just because someone is young and in perfect health, does not mean they can afford to ignore the dangers of dehydration. Therefore, many states mandate that athletic teams have a Wet Bulb Temperature Gage at each and every practice and game. This unique piece of equipment is the most accurate heat index product available.  It is the best way for coaches and athletes to know when hydration is necessary to avoid serious health risks. Because of its popularity and accuracy, wet bulb gages sell out quickly, so if you need one for the late summer, now is the time to pick one up.

If you want to learn more about Robic’s selection on innovative tools to keep you safe this summer and fall, please check out our website or contact us today.  Because as the old saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Springtime at Robic

February 19, 2013

It is that time of year again! Even with the long football season finally coming to an exciting end, sports fans and participants only have a few days to rest. Soon enough three major sports will be gearing up for their own arduous SC-848Wseasons: Baseball, NASCAR/Motorsports, and outdoor track and field. We are excited about all three because at Robic our products play a big role in any sport or activity that demands precision counting or timing.  Here are some examples of how it is hard for your customers to race, run, or throw without Robic products.


These days, cold hard stats are at the heart of America’s Pastime. A good example of this is the number of pitches thrown. Many years ago, a starting pitcher was expected to both start and finish his games, no matter the number of pitches. With multi-million dollar contracts, teams now count pitches to make sure their athletes don’t throw too many. At Robic, we make the M367, a digital pitch and tally counter.  With digits three times as large as an old-fashion mechanical counter, it is not only easy to read but also extremely accurate.

ŸTrack and Motorsports

In a sport where you can win by .00001 of a second, having the proper timers is critical.

When if comes to track and field, Robic offers a number of different outstanding timers. The most popular has to be our Silver 100 Dual Memory Stopwatch. Its three-line display shows lap, split, and accumulated running times, and has a 100 dual memory recall of lap and split times.

If you need a timer that can handle both track and car racing then nothing beats our powerful and precise SC848W. It is easily the most powerful and comprehensive handheld stopwatch in the world! We’d list all of it’s features but there just isn’t enough room in this blog!

If you want to learn more about how Robic can supply you with the timers and counters your customers can’t live without, then visit our website or contact us today.

Walking Away From the Fiscal Cliff

December 20, 2012

PedometerThe fiscal cliff. It seems to be all we hear about these days. The implications are so far-reaching; it would take a book (and not a blog) to talk about it all. So let’s just look at one small aspect we’re all concerned with: physical education.

With funding cuts of approximately 8% resulting from the fiscal cliff, schools would have to make up for the lost funding somewhere in their general budget: most likely by cutting “non-essential” classes like music or P-E, or charging more for extracurricular programs. Gym class time has already been cut drastically around the country. As a matter of fact, in a survey of high school students across the nation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in June that nearly half said they had no physical education classes in an average week

Gym class can get our kids started on a path to healthier lifestyles.  So, how do we replace that?  We make it easier for families to exercise together, and to chart their progress. For those who need to approach training at a walk, Robic recently retooled and revamped our pedometers; in fact, we’ve got four new models available that retail for between $15-$20. Let us provide you with the tools to keep your family healthy, long after the school bells ring.

Timing is Everything: Debates

October 19, 2012

It is election time in America and in the coming months we’ll be able to watch several political debates. The first well-known political debates during an election cycle were debates for an Illinois Senate seat held between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas.  Abraham Lincoln followed Stephen Douglas around the state and challenged him to a debate at every stop.  Abraham Lincoln never debated again, nor was there a Presidential debate until 1948, when two Republican challengers held a radio debate.

In the academic world, a debate is actually a series of constructive points that are precisely timed followed by a rebuttal speech that is also timed.  In academic debates, timing is very crucial to winning.  You might say that timing is everything in this particular debate format.

As the manufacturer of the world’s finest handheld timers, Robic designs and manufactures a variety of academic timers and stopwatches that can be used for debates, science projects, and school research.

Just as debate style and format have changed over the years, Robic’s website has made some great changes as well.  After listening to our customers, we realized each person searches for products in different ways.  We listened and changed our site.

Check out some of the new ways that you can search and find our great products:

Product Benefit:  Have a particular need, benefit, or usage? Click on the Product Benefit  section and look for wristwatches.

Use or Activity:  Look for a specific use or activity in the section marked Use or Activity.

Type of Product:  Locate the exact product that you need by Type of Product.

Price:  Cut to the chase and search by Price.

Our Website Revamp

October 3, 2012

We all watched in amazement at NASA’s Curiosity Rover landing on planet Mars.  The media commentary of the event focused on the NASA’s need for precise timing, expert knowledge and of course a strong element of trust.

The same key elements that went into accomplishing this amazing Mars planetary expedition are very similar to Robic’s core business objectives and beliefs.  We are committed to providing our customers with precise handheld timers, stopwatches and pedometers.  We work hard every day to instill trust to our customers with our quality products, exceptional customer service and commitment to quality.

Building on these core elements, Robic recently revamped our website.  We’re proud to announce that our new site is both a reflection of our core strengths, but also a demonstration of our commitment to providing our customers with an easy-to-use platform for all their timing needs.

Now our website provides customers with several ways to determine what the best timer or pedometer is for their needs.  The layout of our new website is set up to guide customers via several routes to the correct product for them.  Our customers can find merchandise based on the product’s benefits, its potential use or activity, the type of product; and they can select a product based on particular price point.

Just like the NASA Curiosity Rover, our customers can select a product in a precise manner, ask us questions, tapping into our expert knowledge and with our keen focus on quality products and superior customer care, provide them with a strong degree of trust in all our products and our company.

This new look is part of many other new and innovative things taking place at Robic, so stay tuned to our blog and our emails for information on other new and exciting products as well as inventive purchase incentives.

Timers and Pedometers for Champions at Every Level since 1986

August 9, 2012

They say timing is everything. While we are fully aware they weren’t talking about accurately measuring how long it takes to run the 110m hurdles, it applies in both cases. If you need to record and analyze performances with precision, reliability, and versatility then it turns out that timing really is everything. It is at that moment when not having the best measurement tool becomes a giant concern.

Since 1986, Marshall Browning has been manufacturing and selling both the Robic® and Oslo® range of handheld timers, stopwatches, and pedometers. Over the past quarter century, Marshall Browning’s brands have become the choice for millions of people across the world. While other companies may sell timers and pedometers along with other sporting equipment, it is our whole business. Because of this laser-like focus, we are the timing product specialists. We develop, engineer, and manufacture all of our timers, stopwatches, and pedometers.

“Champions at every level” refers to the fact the Robic® and Oslo® products are used for measurement and assessment needs of the local youth Soccer league to the World’s most elite teams and competitors.

Each and every product that Marshall Browning produces receives a thorough hands-on physical, functional, and visual inspection. Every button gets pushed; every display is fully tested.   They are put through their paces so there are no surprises when the products are put into use.

Robic® and Oslo® products are sold exclusively through thousands of leading merchants across America.  These thousands of dealers can select merchandise from any number of sources and they choose Marshall-Browning over all other suppliers.

In the end, if you have a timing, assessment, or measurement need, Marshall Browning can meet it, so drop us a line or visit our website today. In addition, please keep checking this blog for more reasons why the right timing is everything!

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